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Topstitch Makers Sewcial Community

About Us

Founded by Topstitch Studio in Atlanta, GA, our mission is to connect the sewing community with depth and passion through rich engagement! Here you can level up your sewing skills by participating in sewcial sessions, live sewalongs, live talks with community members and leaders, and have access to recorded sewing courses and live sewing intensives all while you improve your sewing skills and benefit from a thriving community. 

Below is a tour inside our sewcial community! 

Attending our live sewalongs, sip-n-sews and talks with community leaders are a highlight of being being member! 

What's Coming up?

Here's what we have coming up! 

Our live sessions are currently over zoom so you can attend no matter where you live, if the time suits your schedule! Most will only require fabric, a pattern and basic sewing supplies. Every once in a while a kit is offered for purchase if there are numerous supplies such as Rachel's Sandal making workshop. 

  • Sip-n-Sew: every Wednesday night! Two sessions 6pm EST and 10pm EST
  • Sewalong: The Poolside Tote with Leigh Metcalf 5/8 - 2-5pm EST 
  • Sewcial Sew: Panty Party! Casual sip-n-sew style panty sewing party 5/14 7-9pm EST 
  • Talk: Pants Fitting with @ithacamaven 5/15 - 4-5pm EST
  • Sewalong: Tool Roll + Tool Talk (show and tell your favorite sewing tools!) with Leigh Metcalf 5/22 - 11-1pm EST 
  • Workshop: Subversive Cross Stitch with Morgan Bowling 5/28 - 7-9pm 
  • Sewalong: Headbands and Scrunchies with Kari Culberson 6/4 - 6-8pm EST 
  • Sewalong: The Stellan Tee with Chelsea Wall 6/11 - 7-9pm (Upcoming - not listed in events yet)
  • Sewalong: The Necessary Clutch with Kari Culberson 6/12 - 11-2pm EST (Upcoming - not listed in events yet)
  • Talk: Ironing Tips with Nikki Griffin 6/18 - 8-9pm EST (Upcoming - not listed in events yet)
  • Workshop: Cross Stitch Portraits with Morgan Bowling 6/19 - 3-5pm EST (Upcoming - not listed in events yet)

Our sewalongs are not recorded but intended to be live and done together.

Additional Courses!

We also have live sewing intensive courses (live over zoom) for additional purchase as well as studio recorded courses for additional purchase. Coming up  in May / June we have an "essential outfit" course series which includes a button down shirt, zip fly pants, an underwire bra and underwear. 

We also have 3 studio recorded courses: Intro to Sewing - The Essential Shirt; Beginner Essentials - Hand Sewing and Seam Finishes; and Intro to Sergers. 

Why you should join us?

To learn, share and be part of a thriving, engaging sewing community that takes relationships beyond the walls of our current social networks and to have a lot of sewing and sewcial fun to look forward to all the time!

Take it from our members, it's a fantastic place to be! 

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