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Learn to sew clothes and level up through online courses, class recordings & community engagement!

Our mission is to help you get better at sewing and support your journey along the way! At Topstitch Makers you are not alone as you learn and grow your sewing practice. Here you'll begin your sewing journey and improve your sewing skills through courses, recorded virtual classes, live sessions and collaborative engagement.

To get better at sewing together and feel amazing in the clothes you make! 


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Actually start AND finish projects with courses and recordings you can access 24/7 and through weekly live sessions, monthly themes and challenges. 

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Whenever you need it, you can ask for help. Our community is an “always on” space to ask questions. All you have to do is ask!

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Increase your sewing skills whether your starting from scratch or more experienced. Our online courses are especially perfect for anyone just getting started!

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With recordings you can access anytime, there’s always something to keep you moving to build your wardrobe.

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Make genuine lifelong friendships and find members near you! 

It's time to make YOUR OWN clothes. If you think I can't learn how to sew clothes online I am here to tell you YES YOU CAN!  I often take classes online and the videos from Topstitch are great--cameras from different angles and great explanations during sessions. Just in the last few weeks I’ve made a True Bias Marlo sweater, Fiber Mood Mable top and Pattern Scout Cozi jacket with Topstitch Makers online! - Adrianna 


 Our online courses are great for beginners and include: Intro to Sewing - Sewing 101 -The Essential Shirt; Beginner Essentials - Hand Sewing and Seam Finishes; and Intro to Sergers

When you purchase one of these courses you also get access to our main public community where you can ask for help anytime and engage with sewing friends anytime. 

And Our Recordings Library

You also get access to more than 75 recorded virtual classes, from shirt making to pants making to espadrilles and much more! Follow along at your own pace anytime.

Topstitch Makers is super easy to use, intuitive and works well on laptop, iPad, and mobile phone. The events function is great! I have participated in many sewalongs, sip-n-sews, and Q&A's from the app using Zoom. No hunting around for a link, it is well organized and even syncs to my calendar! - Maureen