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Sew More, Sew Better, Sew Together! Level up your sewing skills through sewalongs and courses.

Our mission is to help you get better at sewing and support your journey along the way! At Topstitch Makers you are not alone as you learn and grow your sewing practice. Here you will connect with fellow sewists, improve your sewing skills through sewalongs, live talks, sewcial sesssions, courses and you'll become part of a thriving online indie garment sewing community through this dynamic collaborative engagement.

Our Sewalong Membership

When you join our paid sewalong membership, you have access to our main community and our "sewalong room" which is where we have live instructor guided sewalongs each month (virtual sewing classes.) All of our sewalongs are included when you choose our $29 or $290 sewalong membership. Our live sewing sessions take place in US Eastern Time zone and you have access to a library of recordings of our sewalongs as well!

Think of it as a year's worth of virtual sewing classes for one low fee! Membership is only $29 per month or $290 per year. 

Check out some of the patterns we made in sewalongs in 2022! 

*All images above from the pattern maker's websites

To get better at sewing--together!

To learn, share and be part of an engaging sewing community that supports your sewing journey--and to have fun on the journey together!

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👉 Main Website. 👈

Here are a few examples of what some members have made in our sewalongs and courses! 

Jaszmine sewed the Waikerie shirt in a sewalong with guest Leila Kelleher Muna and Broad; Sarah made a pair of jeans in our live (online) jeans making course with Topstitch Instructor Kari; Gyasti made a quilted jacket in a sewalong with guest Natalie Ebaugh; Maureen made Arthur Pants in a sewalong with Topstitch Instructor Chelsea; Laura made sandals in a workshop with guest Rachel Corry. ✨

Our online recorded courses are great for beginners and include: Intro to Sewing - Sewing 101 -The Essential Shirt; Beginner Essentials - Hand Sewing and Seam Finishes; and Intro to Sergers. Check out a preview of our shirt course! 

When you purchase one of these courses you also get access to our main public community. 

👉 Main Website. 👈

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